Technology and applications watch studies

This service is intimately related to the DS-Experts’ asset base of expertise, as well as to our diversified base of technology and business management contacts, who are able to provide insights into state-of-the-art technologies, emerging market conditions, and perceived challenges:

  • affecting their industry sector
  • affecting the applications domains of dedicated systems which they develop or deploy for their business

As well as information gathering via secondary (literature-based) research, DS-Experts has particular expertise in internet-based primary research methods.

We are able to deploy questionnaire application techniques via internet, and reach a population base of better than 10000 respondents.

These assets permit the rapid gathering of input and opinion on research questions from respondents in targeted applications domains, and afford excellent statistical confidence and precision.

Via DS-Experts’ involvement in the management coordination of industry and technology support groups, we are also able to obtain input and insight in support of such studies, from a complementary range of experts, active in a variety of industry sectors.

DS-Experts is publishing part of the results of these studies in the Encyclopaedia part of this website.