System Architext and Design Support

Certain industries – such as automotive – are increasingly becoming system specifiers and integrators, and are outsourcing detailed design and manufacture of not just  components, but whole subsystem assemblies.

These are defined by the integrator in terms of required functionality, but detailed design and development is outsourced to third-parties.
Subsystems are then integrated to form complete systems.
Responsibility for system testing lies with the specifier/integrator.

DS-Experts is able to provide consulting and audit services to such “systems specifiers”, to advise on strategies to guide their functional specifications. 

A major difficulty today is to architecture the system and define how many subsystems will be involved and what is going to be implemented in hardware and what in software.

DS-Experts is also capable of helping the customer in performing the difficult task of system architecture design. 

Our objectives are:

  • to facilitate  testing of subsystems which are dependent on embedded technologies, as well as
  • to provide strategies for conformance testing of subsystems within the context of the complete system.