• Embedded Computing Design: Newest magazine by OpenSystems Publishing.  The editorial focus is on embedded computing.  Topics include embedded internet, CompactPCI, Wireless, embedded networking, blades, servers and much more.  Also take a look at the Embedded E-letter at
  • CompactPCI Systems: CompactPCI Systems is published 9x per year and is fully dedicated to CompactPCI based systems, mainly distributed in North-America. It also has significant distribution in Europe through PICMG. Sister publication of VMEbus Systems, PC/104 Embedded Solutions, Embedded Computing and PXI Technology Review
    CompactPCI E-letter (monthly) at

    • Details:  9 issues/year, 120 pages, English
  • Dedicated Systems Magazine: Dedicated Systems Magazine is a reference magazine for the dedicated systems developer. Each magazine dels with themes such as Buses (VME, PMC, CompactPCI,…), RTOS, Tools (debugging, monitoring, simulation, design, bus hardware analyzers), Real-Time Networks, etc. A must for real-time engineers who don’t have the time (and money) to spend on courses and workshops. The magazine also contains Dedicated Systems Gazette, the supplement which contains new products information. This website is a creation of the Dedicated Systems Magazine team.
    • Details: 4 issues/year, English.
  • Embedded Systems Engineering: Embedded Systems Engineering is a UK based magazine dedicated to embedded systems and development tools. Highly focused on embedded systems this publication also covers real-time products. This rather small magazine has been set-up to support their Embedded Systems Show in the UK.
    • Details: 10 issues/year, 60 pages, English.
  • Embedded Systems Programming: Embedded Systems Programming is the leading magazine on embedded systems design in the US. Although covering mostly embedded systems, a lot of the editorial is dedicated to real-time systems.
    • Details: 12 issues/year, 106 pages, English.
  • Embedded Systems Europe: Embedded Systems Europe and is a pan-European magazine with a circulation of 15000 and published from Brussels.
    • Details: English.
  • Real-time Engineering: Real-time Engineering is, although right focused, a small quarterly magazine with content devoted to real-time and embedded systems issues. This publication is mainly distributed in North-America.
    • Details: 4 issues/year, 36 pages, English.
  • RTC Magazine: The RTC Magazine (before “The Real-Times”) (not to confuse with the older  Real-Time Magazine renamed to Dedicated Systems Magazine to avoid the confusion). RTCmagazine delivers comprehensive coverage of embedded industry standards, applications and technologies.
    • Details: 12 issues/year, 92 pages, English.