Due diligence research

This is aimed, in particular, at serving research requirements of the Venture Capital Investment industry.

Embedded systems technologies, embedded software and applications are an important – yet often hidden – area of product technology.
Demand for investment capital in new products – and for new product functionalities enabled by integrated microprocessor and software technologies – continues to rise steadily.

To those who are unaware of the technological and business consequences of choosing to incorporate an embedded system within a product, assessment of potential risks is a very difficult exercise.
It is the perceived level of these risks that will attract – or discourage – investors in new projects.

Through our acquired base of experience, expertise and skills in dedicated systems engineering support, DS-Experts is able to assist venture capital organisations to assess the risks involved in investment opportunities.

Key factors which are evaluated are:

  • the product technology;
  • its correlation to known or projected market characteristics, and
  • the strengths of the potential investee development team.

The assessment exercise is further leveraged by DS-Experts’ access to a unique and highly valuable asset base of insights, information & knowledge, via the industry support groups we coordinate.