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Dedicated Systems e-Magazine
Dedicated Systems e-Magazine is published on a continuous bases. Approximately every quarter a new issue is started. If you want to participate don’t hesitate to go the the “how to contribute” pages..
Dedicated Systems e-Gazette
Dedicated Systems e-Gazette is published via the VirtualPressRoom(tm). Companies are dropping the press announcements on a continuous basis. Every week the  e-Gazette is published with the press announcements of the previous week.

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Dedicated Systems Magazine Archives
The previous paper versions of Dedicated Systems Magazine together with the new e-Magazine are now on-line available without subscription.
Dedicated Systems VirtualPressRoom(tm)
Approximately 25 press announcements are dropped every week by different companies. If you have an announcement to make and you don’t know how to subscribe, don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also subscribe to the e-Gazette as indicated above.
Next step
We are planning to publish a new style paper + CD version soon.  We will keep you informed.
For more details about the new style magazine

Please read the Q1-2003 editorial.

The chief editor
Martin Timmerman is from the very beginning the chief editor of Dedicated Systems Magazine.
Don’t hesitate to contact him with your questions.