User group management and hosting

Dedicated Systems Experts was first approached, in 1985, to create, organise and manage the VMEbus Users Group.
Today, DS-Experts provides general management resources, coordinates the activities, and hosts the interactive information repositories, of a number of user groups related to information technology and embedded systems.

The vitality and effectiveness of your Group depends crucially on the successful deployment both of marketing management and commitment management techniques.

Over the past 15 years, Dedicated Systems Experts has built up:

  • significant experience in the management of user groups – with a worldwide participant ship
  • an effective and efficient approach to user group operations management.
  • key knowledge and technology assets which are deployed in support of user group executive management

Our capability to provide you with best-of-class assistance is underpinned by our depth of knowledge of the technology and business of information systems as well as dedicated systems.
This allows us to undertake communications and actions, on behalf of the executive management steering the direction of any User Group, with maximised credibility “on the ground” among the participants.

We have designed and implemented a number of internet tools and on-line database modules.
This allows us to support and facilitate your precise requirements for information gathering, publication, and interactivity.

We are completely independent of any 3rd-party internet suppliers.
We possess our own servers, in-house maintenance and application development capabilities, and dedicated high-capacity leased lines.
This allows us to react swiftly and easily configure internet services according to any specific actions envisaged by your Group.

Most importantly, we are able to provide a personalised interface to the members of your Group, and to the participants in your Group’s targeted actions.