Service Profiles

DS-Experts’ service capability profile is based on:

  • our reputation and distinctive competence as experts in the technologies of embedded systems,
  • our methods for verification and validation of components and systems, and
  • our intimate understanding of the associated business and market issues.

Development Verification and Validation services.

This service encapsulates the core competencies of DS-Experts.

Our aim is to assist our clients by acting as a third-party working independently of – yet closely together with – our client’s design team.

Our objective is to ensure that any product they are developing, and which is dependent on embedded system functionality, is being developed so as:

  • to maximally correspond to performance and feature expectations of the marketplace, and
  • to ensure conformance to our client’s company product quality and integrity criteria.

DS-Experts achieves this by applying methods which are underpinned by our expert knowledge of:

  • enabling technologies,
  • system complexity issues (component or subsystem integration and interfacing), as well as by our knowledge of
  • specific target applications domains.

Where appropriate, DS-Experts is able to bring particular software expertise to bear in support of the development team, and can therefore also undertake the design and coding of specialised function modules.

The methods we deploy to verify and validate performance incorporate application of wide-ranging tests, to exercise, provoke and probe product function and features.
These tests are applied at predetermined stages during design, at component and – most importantly – at system levels.

The aim is to identify any required modifications at the soonest, least-cost opportunity, as our client’s product evolves through the development cycle.