Product evaluation and comparison

It is in the interests of all organisations to understand as best as possible what the strengths and weaknesses are of their products, relative to those of their competitors.

For dedicated systems, these are often deeply embedded in products.
The product characteristics they confer (or don’t confer, or fail to confer! ) are not often evident.

Through application of similar methods and tests to those deployed in verification and validation, DS-Experts is able to provide a service allowing our client:

  • to assess,
  • to compare, and
  • to contrast

the hidden strengths and weaknesses buried deep inside competitors’ products, against those of their own product.

This allows us:

  • to propose recommendations on product enhancements, and
  • to identify key factors which may affect differentiating qualities of our client’s product.

DS-Experts is actually specialising in (but not limited to) RTOS product evaluation and comparison. We work not only for the overall community by publishing free evaluation reports, but also a lot of private evaluations are performed. These are helping our customers in making the right decision on what COTS components to be used in their designs.